2 Girl Pumpkin WAM Play

2 Girls + Pumpkin= Halloween Treat!!

Naughty Aubrey invites Lusty Lucy over for some messy fun. Fall is in the air, and we all know that means pumpkin flavored everything. Aubrey thinks that pumpkin pie mix and cool whip go together nicely. The two messy girls buy big cans of pumpkin pie mix and the largest containers they can find of frozen cool whip. They set up a little pool outside, next to the RV in Aubrey’s side yard. It is a somewhat public area in the front yard with a trail and state park right next to the house.

Pumpkin WAM

Lucy and Aubrey start out naked in the blue kiddie pool. Naughty Girl Aubrey reaches for the huge metal bowl filled with pumpkin pie mix and she is ready to get down and dirty. Aubrey is the queen of mess and cannot wait to begin getting messy with Lucy. 

Pumpkin WAM


The big titty slut, Lucy grabs the spatula covered in the pumpkin and slaps it on to Aubrey’s warm sexy body. Aubrey grabs some orange squishy pie mix and rubs it on Lucy’s beautiful body. The pumpkin is so cold that it takes Aubrey’s breath away. It doesn’t take long before the two engage in a pumpkin throwing battle with each other. Lucy soon realizes Aubrey was not kidding about how cold the mix was. It’s rather refreshing, to say the least.

Lucy takes a big scoop of freezing cold pumpkin and rubs it into Aubrey’s hair. Then Aubrey is kind enough to return the favor. Lucy and Aubrey rub the thick orange goo all over their own breasts, bellies and bodies.

Pumkpin WAM

They even put some of that sweet delicious treat right on their pussies… Aubrey’s is shaved smooth and Lucy’s is very hairy. The two are giggling and joking around with this. Who says you can’t play with your food and eat it too?


The two pie sluts turn around so that they can cover their asses. Lucy takes a huge scoop of pumpkin and rubs it on Aubrey’s big round ass, smearing it onto her cheeks and even her butthole and fuck slit.

Pumpkin WAM

 Aubrey has Lucy turn around next and show off her large, sexy round ass. Aubrey takes a scoop of the cold pie mix and glops it onto Lucy’s ass, even going into her ass crack. 

Aubrey rubs it all over her round ass and then takes the cool whip and makes Lucy her tasty little pie. Aubrey can’t help but take a taste of pie with the cool whip off of Lucy’s ass crack. The two messy whores turn around and Lucy quickly takes some cool whip and covers Aubrey’s titties with the fluffy white yumminess.

Aubrey cannot help but to take the sweet white fluff and rub it on her face, and taste it. Aubrey and Lucy continue to cover and rub themselves with the cool whip. Naughty Girl is rubbing all over Lucy’s huge tits. These two really know how to have fun with anything they play with and getting messy is no exception. 

The full sexy and fun Halloween WAM (wet and messy) video will release on 10/24 in Kinky-WAM. It is 11.37 mins long. 

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