Aubrey Humps a Pillow 1

Aubrey Humps a Pillow 1

Do you ever wonder what Naughty Girl Aubrey does to pass the time when she gets horny and is left home alone…? Sometimes she starts dreaming of riding your hard cock, but she must improvise by humping a pillow while imagining that she is straddling that rock-hard cock. Pillow Hump

Today is one of those days that she has some free time and is horny as fuck, so she decided to slip into the bedroom. Slutty little Aubrey strips all her clothes off and grabs a nice fluffy pillow. Aubrey climbs on top of the bed and straddles the pillow. 

This is where the video begins, with her starting to hump the pillow. This hot little slut is thinking about you as she starts to grind that hot pussy into the pillow as if she is trying to milk your delicious fuck stick. Naughty Aubrey starts off facing you in a point of view position, straddling your hard dick. Watching her grind back and forth, you can almost feel her sweet fuck hole sliding back and forth on your member.Pillow Hump

Watch as Aubrey changes positions so you can see her fucking the pillow from the side, giving you another great view of her tits and beautiful big nipples. This is also a great view showing her hips working the pillow.

Watching her face, you can tell that Aubrey is really getting into the pleasure of humping the pillow. You can listen to her moaning and gasping as she dreams of riding a real cock. Being the good little horny cum dump that she is, she wants to give you as much sexual gratification as she can by changing positions throughout the video.

Pillow humpHmmm, who does not like to see a sexy fuck slut climbing onto your dick in a reverse cowgirl and start fucking away? Watch that ass spread as she grinds back and forth giving you a great view of her tight asshole.

Aubrey turns around again and slowly lowers her soaking wet cunt hole onto your throbbing cock while telling you how good it feels sliding deep inside of her. You know that this sexy little slut would climb on top of you and start milking all that hot sticky cum from deep inside of your balls. Pillow Hump

You can feel how wet she is as Aubrey’s pussy juice starts running down your cock and across your balls. You know you want to reach up and grab those titties and pinch those nipples as you get fucked hard and long by this fuck toy.

This little cum slut wants to orgasm so bad, as she continues to work that pillow between her thick thighs. Aubrey explodes in a huge mind-blowing orgasm and is moaning and dirty talking. After that intense release she starts to work her hips faster working to get you to reach an amazing orgasm.

hump pillow

She really wants to feel you shoot that hot thick load of cum deep inside her pussy. Your cock starts to twitch just before you explode deep inside her juicy wet hot box. An orgasm so intense that you both get the cum shivers. MMMm so much sexiness.




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