Baby Oil JOI 1 Teaser

Baby Oil JOI 1 Teaser

In this super sexy vid, Aubrey is ready to help you jerk off. She loves telling you how to jerk your cock. This JOI slut is dressed in a tight white shirt and white panties with some pink on them. Aubrey grabs a big thick dildo and starts rubbing coconut oil up and down the shaft.

baby oil JOIMmmm so slick as that hard phallus slides in her hands. All the while instructing you on how to jerk that dick for her. She then grabs a bottle of baby oil and starts squirting it all over her big nipple titties making the shirt see-through.

The slippery girl continues pouring oil on herself including lubricating that little pussy through her panties, what a view. All the while telling you to jerk that cock for her. She loves knowing you are stroking it just like she wants.

baby oil JOIPouring oil all over her arms and legs, and then caressing her body as she encourages you to start pumping your hard dick. Aubrey picks up the pseudo cock and starts stroking it to show you just how she wants you to do it.


The tease adds more baby oil to your thick cock as she rubs it up and down, really getting you to edge for her. Aubrey tells you to squeeze the head and how to milk it, while talking about that pre cum sitting on the tip that she loves so much.

She loves to encourage you and tease you at the same time, telling you to stroke it faster as she titty fucks herself with that big dildo. This naughty little fuck tease wants to bring you to the edge of cumming, then have you stop, only to be instructed to slowly jerk that dick for her. baby oil JOI

Naughty Aubrey loves giving you jerk off instructions while continuing to rub and touch herself. She tells you to stroke it faster as she rubs her hands all over her tits and pretty pussy.

You can see her titties and big, beautiful nipples through the now shear white shirt, and you can even see that pussy slit through her panties after having all that oil poured onto it.

Being the slutty tease that she is, she rubs that fat dildo along her pussy lips for a bit, then puts it under her shirt so she can titty fuck it some more. After setting the dildo down, she starts squeezing and playing with her oiled-up titties some more.

baby oil JOIAubrey wants you to keep stroking your cock while she teases the dildo with her pussy as if it’s your cock and starts showing you how to pump that hard dick of yours. Continuing to instruct you how to stroke it, like using just two fingers and letting the fingers slowly pop back and forth over the head.

Just when you think that she is going to allow you to blow a hot load, she makes you stop and instructs you to take your hand away. Watch her, as she plays with her sexy oiled covered body. Then Aubrey starts playing with her fuck box, just to keep teasing you like the good little slut that she is.

baby oil JOI

Finally, she has you start stroking your cock again while watching her stroke the faux penis. She tells you to stroke it faster, then to swirl your hand around in a twisting motion. Pump it faster, then slower….

Now she decides to tease you some more by taking her panties off and rubbing her well oiled cunt lips up and down the shaft of that thick dildo. Off comes her shirt giving you a full view of her big titties as she now takes the pseudo cock and starts titty fucking herself.

baby oil JOIShe knows that you have a big load ready to go and some pre cum on the tip, so she gives it a little lick to taste that pre cum that she loves. Naughty slutty Aubrey wants you to blow that man spunk but is very specific with how she wants you to do it.

This tease wants you to shoot your load into your hand and then eat it! She continues to fuck her tits and tells you to stroke it hard. Just to torture you a little bit, she starts a countdown for you to cum.

baby oil JOIShe tells you again that you must cum in your hand, and that you must wait until she reaches one. When she reaches one, she tells you to cum in your hand and once you’re done blowing that hot sticky load in your hand then you are to eat every last drop! Mmm so fucking delicious.




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