Desperate Piss Sluts 1 Teaser

Desperate Piss Sluts 1

Two girls desperate to piss. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you just could not sit still?piss

Aubrey Naughty and Lusty Lucy are sitting outside desperate to pee. Aubrey is in her satin purple robe and Lucy is in a maroon teddy. Both girls have been holding their piss and of course, standing outside in cold weather, makes it even worse. It is only about fifty degrees outside on this lovely fall day as they are sitting on a cold stone wall.

They like to show off their butts and boobs as they try to distract themselves from the fact that they really need to pee. Aubrey even makes herself lactate trying to distract Lucy. The nipples on these little piss sluts are standing out at attention due to the cold.

Watch as these cuties do their pee dances trying to hold back that warm flow that they are desperately waiting to show everyone.

pissAubrey makes herself lactate that sweet mommy milk to the point of dripping on herself to try and distract herself from the ever-building pressure in her bladder. Then she starts sucking on Lucy’s nipples as a way of distracting her.

Although Aubrey can barely hold back from having to pee herself, this naughty little slut is still horny and spreads her legs to give you a great view of her rubbing her pretty pink pussy.

Who can hold it the longest? It is almost a competition to see which girl will give in and have to pee first. But maybe this is a competition. If you look at the bottom of your screen, you can see that they have a bunch of dicks lined up. Hmmm…. I wonder what they might be there for?

Both of these piss sluts try playing with themselves for distraction, only to find out that it makes them have to pee even more. As they continue to do their little pee dances, they playfully spank each other’s cold butt cheeks to try and add to the diversion.

There are plenty of bouncing titties as they try to squirm and jump around as they try to keep from peeing themselves. Even a train coming by does not create much of a diversion, they both are still desperate to pee, but are trying to hold it as long as possible.

piss slutsFinally, the truth behind their desperation to pee comes out. These two piss sluts are planning a piss arc competition. Now what exactly could that mean? Who can pee higher with the biggest arc? Who can pee the farthest? Inquiring minds want to know.

They are joking around about who has to pee more, and who’s eyes are starting to float. But it appears that Lusty Lucy is about to give in to the extreme pressure in her bladder. She says she can still hold it, but yet really has to pee. It sounds like Lucy is ready to break, but they keep encouraging each other that they can hold it longer.

Lucy makes Aubrey turn around so she can spank her cold red ass for making her wait longer. This has Aubrey squirming even more as she complains that it did not help. They continue to laugh and joke about the situation, even as someone walks by and looks directly at them.piss sluts

They just cannot hold it anymore and decide that it is time to pee. Being the more sadistic one, Aubrey goes first to make Lucy wait longer. Getting a little assistance from her friend to hold her leg up, Aubrey dribbles piss down the wall as she tries to pee but initially her body does not want to let her. Then she starts to go and gets a nice arc and manages to piss all over the target dicks that they have set up. She manages to get a long arc with good accuracy and is able to piss on all of the dicks.

pissLucy is up next. She manages a strong piss arc getting a bit more distance than Aubrey, but still able to soak all of the target dicks.

Both of these sexy sluts are relieved now that they were able to let that golden shower flow and have fun at the same time.  Look for some of their other pee videos for more golden fun.



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