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Greetings Guys, This is my free area. I will be posting stuff here to give you a taste of what you will have access to if you become a member. Keep in mind that it’s the real me. I do this as my way to support myself. If you like what I do then become a fan and support me, please. Your support is greatly appreciated and I am open to special requests. Register Here

  • Trying on Satin Nighties Freebie 1

    Trying on Satin Nighties Freebie 1

    satinI have a client from Twitter who loves to buy and send me satin nighties of all colors and sizes. I absolutely love the way the fabric feels on my skin and ohhhh my when your nipples are brushed against it. YUMMMMM.

    He wants me to use the hell out of these nighties, by doing all sorts of things in them. Get them as dirty as possible! Okie dokie… on a mission. hehe

    I made this fun little vid to share with the world how much I love satin and getting spoiled. I show off three very beautiful satin nighties. Then I play with my hairy pussy and show off my NEW bush. To shave it or not to shave it?!?

    I do have a PO box and an amazon wishlist. Please visit my contact page! I love being spoiled and treated to all sorts of things.

    Thank you to all the clients that spoil me, treat me well and help support me in what I love….. BEING a DIRTY filthy SLUT!

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  • Motherly Love 1 Teaser

    Motherly Love 1 Teaser

    motherThis is a custom video that was requested by a client with specific instructions on how it was made and from what perspective. Full of motherly love for her son.

    Aubrey portrays the typical soccer mom appearance, as a loving and exceptionally supportive mom. A mom who supports her son in all aspects of his life, from school, to sports, and in social settings.

    In this Mother Son love video, Naughty Girl Aubrey is seen as the loving and attentive Mom who just got home from work in time to intercept her son coming out of the shower dressed in nothing but a towel. Mom, Aubrey, is seen kneeling in front of her son in a black and white dotted summer style dress that reveals a lot of her luscious cleavage. mother

    Aubrey starts talking to her son about his day as she removes the towel from around his waist revealing his cock right in front of his mom’s face. As she continues to discuss his day, she gentle grabs his cock and starts slowly sucking on it.

    Their conversation in which you will only hear one side of, per the client request, varies throughout a range of normal family topics. Aubrey is so motherly, she adores her son.

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  • Struggling Lesbians 1 Teaser

    Struggling Lesbians 1 Teaserstruggling lesbians

    This video is a consensual dramatization of two bound lesbians struggling to escape. The two girls open the video explaining that what they are about to do in completely consensual.

    Lusty Lucy is wearing a lacy teal nightie with matching bottoms and black leather wrist and ankle cuffs while Naughty Girl Aubrey is wearing a silky black spaghetti strap top, silver panties and purple leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

    Having been picked up with the intent of creating sexual submissives out of two dirty sluts, these dirty whores have been bound hog tie style, gagged and struggling lesbianswere left face down on the floor. Two lesbians left to try and struggle their way out of bondage……..




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  • Anal Fuck Saw Adventures 1

    Anal Fuck Saw Adventures 1

    fuck sawAubrey Naughty’s anal fuck saw adventure. As you may know, Aubrey loves to put things in her tight little asshole and today is no different.

    Dressed in a sexy black and pink net body suit and black heels she is bent over a spanking bench and is ready to go. She has a new toy that she wants to try to pound her back-door fuck hole with.

    Aubrey starts off with a heavy stainless-steel butt plug in and begins working it in and out of her super tight asshole in preparation of the toys to come. She wants to make sure that her butt hole is warmed up and ready for the finale.

    fuck sawShe makes sure to use plenty of lube as she begins fingering her ass. You can hear her moaning in pleasure as she penetrates her back-door.

    Aubrey loves being an anal slut but having such a tight little asshole can at times, make it a challenge for her to get past the golden, or should we say brown gate.

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  • Small Penis Encouragement JOI 1

    Small Penis Encouragement JOI 1

    small penisYou know that you are perfect just the way you are. Naughty Girl Aubrey and Lusty Lucy are here to show you how much they appreciate your small penis.

    These two sexy sluts are relaxing on the couch with Aubrey wearing a white silky teddy top and matching bottoms with white thigh highs and silver heels while Lucy is wearing a silvery blue Hawaiian style robe, a tight thin black body stocking and black heels.

    The smaller stature of your manhood is a turn-on for these horny imps. They will explain why you are perfect and what they would do with you. They both love the fact that your cock will fit comfortably in all of their fuck holes.

    Listen to Aubrey as she talks about loving the fact that she can take all of your cock in her mouth, then proceeds to show you by using a pseudo penis, and taking it all the way down to the balls so you can feel her throat muscle contract against your hard dick. small penis

    Lucy likes that small cock and wants you to stroke it for her. Lucy adds some lube to the dildo as Aubrey starts to stroke it up and down while encouraging you to stroke that lovely small cock of yours for them.

    Lucy takes over stroking your cock as Aubrey softly massages your balls and leans down to lick the pre-cum off the tip. Mmmm…they love the taste of pre-cum.

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  • Cigar Service Slut 1 Teaser

    Cigar Service Slut Teaser

    Naughty Girl Aubrey has many skill sets and fetishes, and cigar service is one of them. Not sure what cigar service is? This video is a great wacigar sluty to find out how sexy cigar service and power exchange can be.

    Aubrey enters the video wearing a leather and chain halter top, a gray skirt, fishnet stockings and black high heels carrying a drink for her Master who is patiently waiting. As she gets to her position in front of her Master, Aubrey kneels down and presents his beverage of choice to him on open hand.

    cigar slutAfter taking a drink, he prompts her to present her wrists to have leather restraint cuffs put on. Then she is instructed to present her ankles to have cuffs placed on them as well. Once the restraints are in place, he motions for her to display his humidor so he can pick a cigar. After selecting a cigar, Aubrey returns the humidor and is signaled to present her bottom to have the cigar dipped into her waiting cunt.

    Aubrey receives a bit of cigar fucking to add to the flavor. The cigar is slowly pushed in and out and twisted inside of her wet pussy. The cigar is then handed to her to continue the next steps of cigar service, which is to prepare the cigar for her Master.

    Aubrey carefully uses the “V” cutter to cut the cigar before using the torch to slowly toast it to get it perfectly lit. She takes a puff to verify it is lit well and has a proper draw. The cigar is then offered back to her Master to enjoy along with his beverage.cigar service

    He then motions for her to present her pussy and ass again so that he can insert a few toys into her fuck holes. He reaches over and pulls a Lush remote vibrator out of the drawer and slowly inserts it into her wet cunt.

    After verifying that the controls were working, he reaches back into the drawer and pulls out a jeweled butt plug and some lube. Once the lube is applied, the butt plug is slowly coerced into her tight asshole.

    Now the fun begins! Aubrey is instructed to position herself as a footrest so her Master can relax with his cigar and beverage, as he remotely controls vibrations of the Lush in her pussy. After teasing her pussy for a while, he decides that it is his turn for some pleasure.

    He releases her from her position and motions for her to pleasure him. She quickly unbuckles his belt and pants, pulling his pants and underwear down.

    cigar serviceThis is where Aubrey’s oral and deepthroat skills come in. She immediately takes his hardening cock into her mouth and starts giving him a blowjob, sucking and deepthroating his hard shaft all the way to the base. What is not to like, a nice cigar, a drink, all while getting a sloppy slobbery blowjob.

    Part way into a very enjoyable blowjob, it is time to dispose of some cigar ash. Aubrey is motioned to present her mouth to act as a human ashtray. The ash is broken off onto her tongue for her to ingest. Then it is back to sucking cock.

    As nice as all of this is, it is time to get that wet ass pussy on that hard cock. Aubrey is instructed tocigar service remove his boots and pants, then is positioned so that he can play with the toys in her fuck holes for a few minutes before pulling the vibrator out. She then steps up onto the chair facing away from him and lowers her fuck box down onto his waiting dick and slowly fucks his stiff rod.

    After fucking for a little while and having her tits and nipples played with and her clit teased with a vibrator, Aubrey turns around to face him as she rides his cock. In this position, she gets what she is looking for as he begins to thrust and slam his hard dick upwards into her tight juicy pussy.

    cigar service

    After Aubrey has a nice orgasm, she is told to move down and finish sucking her Master’s cock until he blows his thick creamy load into her hungry mouth. She eagerly obliges and begins sucking,

    stroking and deepthroating his hard dick as he thrusts his hips to face fuck her until she finally takes him over the edge. Blowing a huge load of cum into her waiting mouth. To add to the creamy load, he has her open her cum filled mouth to drop another serving of ash in there as well.

    Being the naughty cum slut that she is, Aubrey turns to the camera to display the mixture of cum and cigar ash in her mouth, as she plays with the dirty mixture before swallowing it like a good girl.


    This is just a teaser of what will be released in Sensually Sexy Vid om 3/20! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

    I also offer phone, cam and custom requests. You are always welcome to email me at or find me on Skype: Naughty GirlAubrey

    Also, you can call or text me at: 240-554-5504


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  • Updates and Sale 3/2021

    Updates and Sale!

    HOLY moly! What a crazy few months. I have made some updates and changes to my site. Here a bit of an update on changes and NEW stuff! Now is the time to JOIN my site.

    I will be re-doing the pricing accordingly. SALE SALE SALE

    sale and updates

    UPLOADING tons of content. So be on the look out.

    Pee Play

    Dirty Anal

    Poo Play




    Fetish and so much more!


    If you subscribe (paid level membership) to me currently you will be getting added time for your patience! hint hint… if you want in on this deal… NOW is the time to ACT! Whatever level and length you subscribe to you will get a RETURN Bonus of the same length and level! GOOD until 3/21/2021 at 11:59pm Click HERE for more info on levels.

    ADDED BONUS: You get access to Lusty Lucy’s content as well… whatever level you pick. Your login here will work there.

    I will also be adding an ABOUT Me series that will be totally FREE! Sign up for a FREE account HERE

    I aim to release full length vids 3x a week plus smaller vids, pics, blog content all through out the week. Nudes, Lewds and more.

    All my content will be able to be purchased through my store page along with customs and panties. Check it out. I have very few limits! I am into all sorts of kinks and fetishes. Anything goes on my site.

    Jack Off Material – Naughty Girl Aubrey

    Want do phonesex or a cam show? Maybe a steamy hot sexting session?

    Buy time with me! – Naughty Girl Aubrey

    More to cum! xoxo




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  • Daddy’s Deepthroat Slut 1 Trailer

    Daddy’s Deepthroat Slut 1

    Aubrey Naughty loves to deepthroat Daddy’s cock. She is on her knees dressed in a sexy red nightie and matching panties, ready to do just that. This little deepthroat slut is so hungry for dick, she immediately unzips his jeans to get at his already hard phallus.



    Knowing what is in store for him, you can see the pre-cum starting to form, which this oral slut cannot help but to stick her tongue and mouth on to slurp it up. Being the good little cock whore that she is, she follows up by taking his cock all the way down her throat.

    Mmmm… a nice sloppy blow job with drool running down the shaft. Listening to her moans as the head of his dick slides down the back of her throat. Aubrey even says how much she likes sucking on a cock. Deepthroat

    Watch as she engulfs the entire rod all the way to the base, then slides down to sensually lick his balls. She even looks up into your eyes as she seductively devours your hard shaft, then firmly squeezes and strokes it with her hands.

    You get to enjoy two perspectives as Aubrey hungrily devours this dick, both from the side and POV. Gently cradling and massaging the balls as she plunges down on the shaft.

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  • MILF Day of Pee 2

    MILF Day of Pee 2

    Aubrey Naughty’s day of pee compilation. She loves all things with piss and being an exhibitionist, so this vid is no exception to the rule. This little piss slut sets up a cam to record herself taking a tinkle throughout the day, in fact this is done over several days.


    Mmmm…Aubrey loves the feeling of holding her piss to the last second then running to the bathroom to release that warm golden stream. The warm release of pressure draining from her bladder feels so relieving and erotic at the same time, that she is seen masturbating in some of the clips.  In this vid you will see the little pee whore piss in a variety of ways.

    In the first pee clip, she is seen squatting on the toilet holding her cam remarkably close to her beautiful pink pussy. Rubbing it and encouraging herself to release that hot pee stream from her piss hole. She manages to piss out of the toilet and on her feet, seat and floor. Oh boy!

    peeThe second clip begins in a very similar fashion, but the urge was much more urgent as Aubrey immediately starts pissing that golden essence. Naughty Girl just can’t help but to rub her clit, making that pussy feel extra good as she releases the urine, talking dirty and moaning. She spreads her pussy wide so you can see the pee come out of her urethra, hitting the camera as she does. What a super close view of all that is deep and secret.  *wink*

    In the next clip you see the slutty fuck toy laying back and holding herself up with her feet and one arm while she is rubbing her pussy and aiming her warm gold stream towards the pseudo cock drowning it in her waterfall flow. She had just finished making a sexy masturbation and baby oil vid, so she is covered in baby oil.

    peeAubrey starts the next sexy pee clip wearing her favorite warm sweatshirt, squirming with a bit of desperation to release. Standing over the tub with a foot on each side, she begins to let go of all that pee she has been holding. The camera moves in a little closer, as she shakes the dew of the daffodil.

    In the fourth pee recording, the pee toy is hovering over top of the toilet, wearing some lingerie. She lets the light-colored piss fall into the toilet below her. So much urine is coming out of that sweet pee hole. Who knew someone’s bladder could hold that much?

    The next one Naughty Aubrey is wearing a sexy black nighty with navy blue panties, squeezing her legs together and trying to hold it as she slides the panties down and she climbs on top of the toilet, straddling both sides of the seat. The pee whore lets all the pee release as she moves the camera closer for all to see, fingering that sweet pissy pussy afterwards. pee

    This pee slut loves showing off all the ways she can take a piss. In this next clip, she is holding the camera wiggling and squirming all around smiling and telling you just how bad she must go. Once again climbs on top of the toilet, squatting over it as she releases that light-colored flow into the toilet. Rubbing and playing with her clit. Knowing that she is showing off for you makes the dirty slut smile.

    Aubrey Naughty is standing in the shower stall in this seventh clip with her tits out wearing a sexy black nighty with the navy panties and long pajama pants (its fucking cold…brrr) You can see the desperation in her eyes as the urge to pee is super strong. She tries to quickly pull her pants down. The slut brings one leg up and is finally able to urinate onto the shower floor. Smiling and looking like such a tease as she spreads her pussy open. You can see the relief she feels once she is finished. Ahhhhh! Fingering and rubbing that juicy piss slit once more.

    peeIn the next clip the little fuck toy is wearing a sexy blue baby doll lingerie, straddling the tub as piss begins to gush out of her, panning the camera closer so you can see up close as she rubs and slides a finger in her tight fuck hole.

    Aubrey is wearing the same sexy blue nighty in the next hot pee clip. She gets into the shower and squats a little as the piss rushes out her sexy body, moaning as she gets relief. As she is releasing all that golden shower, the slut rubs her clit making piss sprinkle every wear. As she finishes you hear her almost sigh with a pee shiver…. Mmmm such a sexy fuck toy that loves playing with her pissy pissy pussy.

    The 10th clip the piss whore is wearing jeans, socks and hoodie as she hurries to the bathroom to take a pee. Naughty Aubrey almost pissing herself as she climbs on to the edge of the tub, both feet on the same side squatting down. Pulling her jeans down just far enough so she does not pee on them. This girl can pee a ton, sighing after the amazing feeling of relief. Teasing and playing with that pussy and talking about how amazing it feels to finally be able to let it go.

    peeAubrey Naughty is so desperate to go in the next clip that she must close her eyes and try to focus so she does not just urinate on herself. She is wearing a sexy lacy grey bra along with some light blue panties with black polka dots. Climbing onto the tub and hurriedly getting her panties off, grabbing a barbie and placing it into the tub. You can see the camera move in closer as this piss slut releases her hot steaming golden shower onto the barbie doll (do not worry this will only be used for this purpose). Giggling as the dirty girl realizes just how dirty she is.

    The next scene Aubrey is wearing a sexy purple robe with the same outfit as mentioned above, mounts the toilet and barely makes it in time as the urine comes pouring out of her and into the toilet. The camera gets closer and catches her pissing on her foot. Fucking her tight pussy with her fingers once she is finished. Such a little pee tease.

    peeIn the final scene the urge is so strong that this dirty and naughty pee toy has to focus before she squats on the toilet… finally able to relieve her bladder of the built-up pressure. Fuck, the relief felt so fucking amazing. Smiling and teasing you as she plays with her pretty pink pussy.

    Aubrey consumes so much water throughout the day that she has to piss a lot, as you can see in this vid. She does not lack in the flow department giving golden shower its true name. This girl enjoys all aspects of pee fetish, both receiving and giving.


    This is just a teaser of JUST released in Kinky-Piss Play! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

    I also offer phone, cam and custom requests. You are always welcome to email me at or find me on Skype: Naughty GirlAubrey

    Also, you can call or text me at: 240-554-5504

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  • Desperate Piss Sluts 1 Teaser

    Desperate Piss Sluts 1

    Two girls desperate to piss. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you just could not sit still?piss

    Aubrey Naughty and Lusty Lucy are sitting outside desperate to pee. Aubrey is in her satin purple robe and Lucy is in a maroon teddy. Both girls have been holding their piss and of course, standing outside in cold weather, makes it even worse. It is only about fifty degrees outside on this lovely fall day as they are sitting on a cold stone wall.

    They like to show off their butts and boobs as they try to distract themselves from the fact that they really need to pee. Aubrey even makes herself lactate trying to distract Lucy. The nipples on these little piss sluts are standing out at attention due to the cold.

    Watch as these cuties do their pee dances trying to hold back that warm flow that they are desperately waiting to show everyone.

    pissAubrey makes herself lactate that sweet mommy milk to the point of dripping on herself to try and distract herself from the ever-building pressure in her bladder. Then she starts sucking on Lucy’s nipples as a way of distracting her.

    Although Aubrey can barely hold back from having to pee herself, this naughty little slut is still horny and spreads her legs to give you a great view of her rubbing her pretty pink pussy.

    Who can hold it the longest? It is almost a competition to see which girl will give in and have to pee first. But maybe this is a competition. If you look at the bottom of your screen, you can see that they have a bunch of dicks lined up. Hmmm…. I wonder what they might be there for?

    Both of these piss sluts try playing with themselves for distraction, only to find out that it makes them have to pee even more. As they continue to do their little pee dances, they playfully spank each other’s cold butt cheeks to try and add to the diversion.

    There are plenty of bouncing titties as they try to squirm and jump around as they try to keep from peeing themselves. Even a train coming by does not create much of a diversion, they both are still desperate to pee, but are trying to hold it as long as possible.

    piss slutsFinally, the truth behind their desperation to pee comes out. These two piss sluts are planning a piss arc competition. Now what exactly could that mean? Who can pee higher with the biggest arc? Who can pee the farthest? Inquiring minds want to know.

    They are joking around about who has to pee more, and who’s eyes are starting to float. But it appears that Lusty Lucy is about to give in to the extreme pressure in her bladder. She says she can still hold it, but yet really has to pee. It sounds like Lucy is ready to break, but they keep encouraging each other that they can hold it longer.

    Lucy makes Aubrey turn around so she can spank her cold red ass for making her wait longer. This has Aubrey squirming even more as she complains that it did not help. They continue to laugh and joke about the situation, even as someone walks by and looks directly at them.piss sluts

    They just cannot hold it anymore and decide that it is time to pee. Being the more sadistic one, Aubrey goes first to make Lucy wait longer. Getting a little assistance from her friend to hold her leg up, Aubrey dribbles piss down the wall as she tries to pee but initially her body does not want to let her. Then she starts to go and gets a nice arc and manages to piss all over the target dicks that they have set up. She manages to get a long arc with good accuracy and is able to piss on all of the dicks.

    pissLucy is up next. She manages a strong piss arc getting a bit more distance than Aubrey, but still able to soak all of the target dicks.

    Both of these sexy sluts are relieved now that they were able to let that golden shower flow and have fun at the same time.  Look for some of their other pee videos for more golden fun.



    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 1/18 in Kinky-Piss Play! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

    We also both offer phone, cam and custom requests. You are always welcome to email me at or find me on Skype: Naughty GirlAubrey

    Also, you can call or text me at: 240-554-5504

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  • Updates

    Good Morning! HAPPY Fricking New Year to everyone! I hope the holidays treated every one well. Here is to hoping 2021 will be amazing.

    I will be uploading and scheduling lots of NEW content…. so be on the look out. The holidays and crazy schedules got the best of me. As well as I have been involved in the 2021 MV Awards. I am running in 13 categories…there are 2.5 days left to vote; FREE and PAID votes are Rewarded generously! Please vote for me!

    Fetish of the Year:
    Submissive of the Year:
    Store of the Year:
    Anal Star of the Year-
    Milf of the Year-
    Duo of the Year:
    Congeniality Star of the Year-
    Smile of the Year:
    Innovator of the Year:
    Profile of the Year
    Queen of the Year:
    Mv Star of the Year
    Rising Star:

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  • 50% off Holiday-END of Year Special

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    Sale ends 11:59pm on 1/1/2021

    Merry Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours! 


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  • Slutty Pussy Fuck and Suck 1 Teaser

    Slutty Pussy Fuck and Suck 1 Teaser

    Naughty Girl Aubrey loves to suck and fuck. Watch her up on the bed in her black nightie and blue panties as she shows you how horny she is. suck and fuck Tease

    Aubrey crawls towards the camera and starts playing with her big titties, then gently pulls one out and starts playing with her magnificent nipple, causing it to start lactating. You can see that sweet milf milk start to drip across her fingers.

    She licks her fingers tasting that oh so sweet breast milk while telling you to stroke your cock for her. To make it even sexier, Aubrey slides her other tit out so you can enjoy the view of her lovely chest. suck and fuck tease

    She then proceeds to milk both of her beautiful nipples while telling you to keep stroking your dick. Being the cock tease that she is, she lays back on the bed and proceeds to slide her pretty blue panties off, exposing that fuckable pussy of hers and also giving a sneak peak at her soft feet for those who enjoy foot worship.

    Her hand immediately starts rubbing her hot little cunt making it start to glisten. You can hear how wet she is as she finger fucks her hot pink pussy and brings it right down to the camera for a super-hot view.

    suck and fuck teaseAubrey then gets up on her knees giving you a nice doggy style look at her from behind before she slips a finger into her tight little asshole. Of course, being the dirty little slut that she is, she loves ass to mouth and licks her fingers clean to show just how dirty she is.

    Aubrey picks up her pink dildo and gives it a quick lick before shoving it into her wet waiting fuck hole. Sitting up she starts to ride and grind on that pseudo cock just like she would ride your hard cock. The whole time encouraging you to keep stroking your meat. suck and fuck tease

    Pulling that juicy cock out of her hot little cunt, Aubrey starts to suck on it and tells you how much she loves to suck dick, especially when it is covered in pussy juice and pre cum.

    Working that thick rod down until the balls are against her chin, just to show you how deep she would suck your cock with her incredible deep throat skills.

    suck and fuck teaseWatch this sexy slut tease you by running her tongue along the shaft, licking the balls and asshole. All the things that she would be doing to you if you were there, including throat fucking herself as the strings of spit and slobber drip off your fat cock. You can see her throat swell as that pseudo dick slides all the way down.

    While that dildo is still dripping from her spit, Aubrey lays back again and shoves it deep into her waiting fuck hole and tells you to pound her pussy as she fucks herself hard with it. She wants you to fuck her hard, pounding your dick against her cervix, just the way this dirty little whore likes it, giving her a intense orgasm. suck and fuck tease

    She likes it hard and wants to feel you bust a nut deep inside her wet pussy. Turning around for some more doggy style action, you can watch her ram that pretty pink dildo deep inside, while getting a nice view of her tight little asshole.

    suck and fuck teaseYou know that you want to cum in her hot fuck box, and Aubrey encourages you to blow your load of baby batter deep inside her as she continues to pound her pussy.

    Listen to her moan as she begs you to squirt that hot load and fill her pussy. Then she turns around and sucks all that sticky jizz off your manhood until it is clean.


    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 12/15 in Sensually Sexy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

    We also both offer phone, cam and custom requests. You are always welcome to email me at or find me on Skype: Naughty GirlAubrey

    Also, you can call or text me at: 240-554-5504

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  • 2 Girl Blindfolded Sensual Pussy Play Teaser

    2 Girl Blindfolded Sensual Pussy Play Teaser

    What is hotter than watching two sexy women making out?! Maybe one being blindfolded and being teased a driven wild! Aubrey Naughty and Lusty Lucy get right down to business in this steamy video. Blinfolded Pussy

    Aubrey starts out in just a sexy grey bra and maroon sheer thong, while Lucy is wearing a sexy black nightie. The girls are on a wooden four poster bed. The two girls begin to sensually kiss.

    Lucy pauses just long enough to allow Aubrey to take her bra off, exposing her breasts and beautiful nipples. This prompts her to start playing with and sucking on Aubrey’s nice big milf nipples.

    blindfoldedLucy has Aubrey slide those sexy thongs off. Then Lucy puts a black silk like blindfold over her eyes for some sensory deprivation, making sure she cannot see.

    After the blindfold is on, she places Aubrey’s wrists in beautiful leather purple bondage cuffs. Lusty Lucy locks her wrists behind her back then gently lays Aubrey back onto the bed. She starts sensually kissing, touching and licking horny Aubrey.

    The blindfolded slut tells Lucy how wet her pussy is becoming. How can she help it? Blindfolded, cuffed and being played with… oh my!blindfolded

    The beautiful big titty girl cannot help but to pull her own big voluptuous tits out and play with them as she plays with Aubrey’s nipples and breasts and starts massaging her pussy lips.

    Slowly rubbing her clit and gently sliding a finger into that wet cunt, you can hear how juicy wet Aubrey’s slutty pussy is.

    blindfoldedThe more Aubrey moans with pleasure, the more she gets teased by Lucy’s mouth on her hard nipples and clit. The camera zooms in to show a nice close-up of Aubrey’s wet pussy as Lucy sucks and licks her clit.

    Lucy begins to finger fuck her while she continues sucking on that sensitive little clit. It doesn’t take long before Aubrey is cumming from Lucy devouring her sweet pussy.

    Deciding to pick the pace up a little, Lucy starts finger fucking slutty Aubrey with two fingers while alternating sucking on her nipples and clit. She keeps telling Lucy how good her tongue feels on her pretty pink pussy. blindfolded

    Lucy continues working her warm tongue down into Aubrey’s tight fuck hole, bringing her to another body shaking orgasm. After giving her multiple orgasms, Lucy slides up and gently removes the blindfold before giving Aubrey one last sensual kiss. Lucy and Aubrey absolutely adore and love each other.

    *This is a custom vid request. Lucy and I love making custom vids.*


    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 12/12 in Sensually Sexy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

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  • Baby Oil JOI 1 Teaser

    Baby Oil JOI 1 Teaser

    In this super sexy vid, Aubrey is ready to help you jerk off. She loves telling you how to jerk your cock. This JOI slut is dressed in a tight white shirt and white panties with some pink on them. Aubrey grabs a big thick dildo and starts rubbing coconut oil up and down the shaft.

    baby oil JOIMmmm so slick as that hard phallus slides in her hands. All the while instructing you on how to jerk that dick for her. She then grabs a bottle of baby oil and starts squirting it all over her big nipple titties making the shirt see-through.

    The slippery girl continues pouring oil on herself including lubricating that little pussy through her panties, what a view. All the while telling you to jerk that cock for her. She loves knowing you are stroking it just like she wants.

    baby oil JOIPouring oil all over her arms and legs, and then caressing her body as she encourages you to start pumping your hard dick. Aubrey picks up the pseudo cock and starts stroking it to show you just how she wants you to do it.


    The tease adds more baby oil to your thick cock as she rubs it up and down, really getting you to edge for her. Aubrey tells you to squeeze the head and how to milk it, while talking about that pre cum sitting on the tip that she loves so much.

    She loves to encourage you and tease you at the same time, telling you to stroke it faster as she titty fucks herself with that big dildo. This naughty little fuck tease wants to bring you to the edge of cumming, then have you stop, only to be instructed to slowly jerk that dick for her. baby oil JOI

    Naughty Aubrey loves giving you jerk off instructions while continuing to rub and touch herself. She tells you to stroke it faster as she rubs her hands all over her tits and pretty pussy.

    You can see her titties and big, beautiful nipples through the now shear white shirt, and you can even see that pussy slit through her panties after having all that oil poured onto it.

    Being the slutty tease that she is, she rubs that fat dildo along her pussy lips for a bit, then puts it under her shirt so she can titty fuck it some more. After setting the dildo down, she starts squeezing and playing with her oiled-up titties some more.

    baby oil JOIAubrey wants you to keep stroking your cock while she teases the dildo with her pussy as if it’s your cock and starts showing you how to pump that hard dick of yours. Continuing to instruct you how to stroke it, like using just two fingers and letting the fingers slowly pop back and forth over the head.

    Just when you think that she is going to allow you to blow a hot load, she makes you stop and instructs you to take your hand away. Watch her, as she plays with her sexy oiled covered body. Then Aubrey starts playing with her fuck box, just to keep teasing you like the good little slut that she is.

    baby oil JOI

    Finally, she has you start stroking your cock again while watching her stroke the faux penis. She tells you to stroke it faster, then to swirl your hand around in a twisting motion. Pump it faster, then slower….

    Now she decides to tease you some more by taking her panties off and rubbing her well oiled cunt lips up and down the shaft of that thick dildo. Off comes her shirt giving you a full view of her big titties as she now takes the pseudo cock and starts titty fucking herself.

    baby oil JOIShe knows that you have a big load ready to go and some pre cum on the tip, so she gives it a little lick to taste that pre cum that she loves. Naughty slutty Aubrey wants you to blow that man spunk but is very specific with how she wants you to do it.

    This tease wants you to shoot your load into your hand and then eat it! She continues to fuck her tits and tells you to stroke it hard. Just to torture you a little bit, she starts a countdown for you to cum.

    baby oil JOIShe tells you again that you must cum in your hand, and that you must wait until she reaches one. When she reaches one, she tells you to cum in your hand and once you’re done blowing that hot sticky load in your hand then you are to eat every last drop! Mmm so fucking delicious.




    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 12/9 in Kinky-Wet & Messy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

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