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  • Aubrey’s OTK Pussy and Ass Spanking 1

    Aubrey’s OTK Pussy and Ass Spanking

    Naughty Girl Aubrey’s bare-handed OTK spanking punishment. It appears that Aubrey has gone and gotten herself into trouble again. And boy is she in for a serious spanking. Aubrey ends up in an over the knee punishment position across her Master’s lap.

    OTK Spanking

    Her dress gets pulled up as the bare-handed spankings begin. Aubrey knows that she is in for a long hard spanking this time. We do not know what she did, but apparently is warranted a stiff firm hand across her soft butt.

    Aubrey immediately starts apologizing and saying that she will not do it again, but we know better, she can not stay out of trouble. When the spanking starts, her pale ass cheeks quickly turn from pink to a bright red as those firm hands continue to rain down with only one thing in mind, corporal punishment.OTK SPanking

    We all know that she most likely deserves what she has coming. Aubrey continues to whine and say how sorry she is, but he knows better and continues spanking that ass.

    Just to add some embarrassment to the punishment, her Master pulls her underwear down to completely expose all of her little girl bits. Being completely exposed allows for a little extra spanking in some extremely sensitive areas, aka, pussy spanking. Aubrey squirms and tries to fight it to no avail.

    OTK SpankingAlthough, as much as she fights and pleads, the pussy spanking reveals that this little slut is actually getting turned on and wet. Wanting to see just how wet she is, her Master decides to shove several fingers into her waiting fuck hole.

    Then he proceeds to vigorously finger fuck her for a short period. Whatever she did must have been really bad, because the next thing she knows, she is getting a shiny pink butt plug put in, and it is definitely not lube that is being put on it.

    Aubrey starts to squirm and pleads to not have the butt plug put in. As usual, it is a tight fit to squeeze that pretty pink butt plug into her not so eager asshole. Whatever was put onto the butt plug burns inside of her sensitive little bung hole.

    Not wanting to wear his hand out, her Master changes things up and starts using a brown leather slapper which by Aubrey’s begging, appears to do a superb job as well.

    You can hear the impact of the leather against her tender skin with each stroke. Having gotten a little relief, he goes back to bare-handed spanking on her delicate bum. The more he smacks her ass, the bright shade of red it gets.

    OTK spanking

    At some points, just to emphasize the punishment, he uses both hands at the same time, coming down hard onto her already bright red ass. Several times during this punishment ordeal, Aubrey tries to reach back to protect her ass, only to have her arm put firmly behind her back.

    As tradition would have it, Aubrey’s Master pulls out a hairbrush that almost matches the color of her ass and starts laying down more punishment. You can hear and see the impact of the pink hairbrush on her soft but very red bottom.

    OTK spanking

    Switching back to bare-handed spanking to finish out her punishment, Aubrey’s Master decides to add a little emphasis to the intensity, then picks up the pace with some double time speed spanking that definitely lets her know that this is not for pleasure.

    As the spanking finale comes to an end, Aubrey’s Master releases her from his lap, allowing her to get up and take her proper position kneeling at his feet.

    Aubrey rests her head on his lap and he gently strokes her face and head to indicate that her punishment is over, and she is forgiven.


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  • Sloppy Cocksucker 2

    Sloppy Cocksucker 2

    Who does not like to look down to see a hungry mouth devouring their cock? A deep throated sloppy salivating blowjob? Naughty Girl Aubrey loves to suck a dick and cannot wait for you to get home so she can pull your pants down and slide her anxiously waiting mouth onto your deliciously fat cock. sloppy

    In this Point of View style video, you get to look down as Aubrey tells you how much she has been waiting for you to get home so she can take your cock and try to suck all of the days stress out of you.

    Picture yourself walking through the door, Aubrey comes over, slowly puts her hands on you. She reaches down and starts caressing your manhood through your pants as it starts to swell. Very seductively she lowers herself down to her knees and starts to unbuckle your pants, then drops them to the floor.

    sloppy cocksuckerShe starts rubbing and stroking that thick cock of yours while licking her lips. Gently she licks the tip of your rod before letting it glide deep into her ever waiting mouth.

    As the saliva starts to build in her mouth, making it more sloppy and so does her hunger to milk all your sweet thick cum out of your balls and deep into her throat.

    Aubrey gently sucks on your cock while alternating with running her tongue up and down the length of your engorged shaft. Of course, being the cock slut that she is, she does not forget to give your balls some attention, making them sloppy wet.

    sloppy cocksuckerAs her soft hands begin to gently stroke your hard dick, she drops her head down and begins licking and sucking on you balls, covering them in a layer of her spit.

    This cock hungry whore can not help but to drool all over the place as she sucks on your hard wood as if her life depended on it. You can see all the spit and drool dripping from her mouth as she goes so deep that she starts to gag on your fat rod. What a sloppy cocksucker!

    You can hear Aubrey’s moans of pleasure as she works that hard cock in and out of her saliva filled mouth. Watch her lick and play with the tip, then swallow it until your balls are against her chin. She tells you how much she loves sucking your cock as she pumps her mouth deeper and deeper down your shaft.sloppy cocksucker

    Aubrey has so much saliva built up that you can watch it dripping down her chin onto the floor, such a sloppy girl.

    Not wanting you to cum too fast, she changes her pace throughout this beautiful blowjob. Sometimes she pounds it repeatedly deep down her throat or will work it slow and steady.

    Aubrey definitely understands the difference between a blowjob and a hand job, most of her cock sucking skills are hands off and down the throat. You can almost picture yourself face fucking her.

    After a long, sensual oral massage of your long phallus, Aubrey starts to encourage you to blow your big thick steamy load of man juice down her throat. Her mouth starts sucking harder as she pumps it deep with long strokes and a lot of tongue action.sloppy cocksucker

    Aubrey starts sucking with intention, moaning for you to cum and fill her mouth. She is so sloppy with drooling and working your cock, knowing that she can make you explode.

    Feeling your already thick dick start to swell as you get ready to ejaculate only excites her more and has her sucking and pumping harder, until you finally blow that sweet thick load into her mouth.

    Being the cum loving slut that she is, Aubrey milks every last bit of cum out of your balls, then plays with it in her mouth to show how much she enjoys it. MMmm such a sloppy slut!


    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 11/26 in Sensually Sexy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to the amazing Lusty Lucy’s site.

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  • Creampie Pussy 1 Trailer

    Creampie Pussy 1

    Naughty Girl Aubrey’s morning creampie pussy delight. This little slut’s insatiable appetite for sex and cum all come together following a morning fuck session.

    creampie After having been fucked to a mind-blowing orgasm and left with a cream pie, Aubrey cannot help but to continue the session on her own. Being left to her own devices, she decides to grab a big dildo and start playing in the cream pie.

    That was just left in her now sopping wet and cream filled pussy. Naughty Aubrey starts rubbing her cunt lips with that big thick pseudo cock.

    cream pieYou get a great view of her tight little asshole as she starts thrusting her big dildo in and out of her super wet fuck hole.

    As you watch Aubrey masturbate and finger her little bung hole, all that creampie starts leaking out and running down her ass crack.

    This little whore can not get enough and grabs another even larger dildo and starts ramming it into her dripping slit while starting lick all that creamy goodness off the first dildo. Then she starts double fisting by fucking her sloppy cunt with one phallus while at the same time deep throating the other.

    Changing positions, Aubrey climbs up and starts riding that big pseudo cock and you can just picture yourself fucking her face as she pumps that cock down her throat. She enjoys licking and sucking all the pussy juice and cum off the dildo.

    creampieAubrey tells you how much she enjoyed getting fucked and making a creampie video for you to jerk off to. So much so, that she leaves multiple wet spots on the bed.

    Aubrey turns around to give you that reverse cowgirl viewpoint. This gives you a stunning view of that pseudo cock sliding up between those luscious lips and deep into the heart of her cum hole.

    creampieYou can also see her sweet little asshole pucker as she humps and grinds on that fat cock. She cannot help but start fingering her tight butt hole as she thinks about riding your long hard dick.

    All this excitement has her hot little cunt orgasming again. As she turns around to face you and starts grinding on your cock again, she begs you to squeeze those big bouncing titties.

    Aubrey’s pussy starts milking your big dick as she bounces up and down on it, just pounding it into her tight fuck hole just waiting for you to give her another creampie. Now she is ready to lay back and let you do some of the work and pound your cock into her tight little slit.

    creampieYou know she likes it rough and wants you to give her everything that you have. Aubrey continues working that pseudo cock hard into her love hole. You can see just how wet she is by all the juices all over her pussy lips.

    She is ready and starts begging you to drive your big dick into her and flood her hot box with all of you thick man jizz. This cock tease really wants to feel you deposit all of your baby batter deep inside her. MMM this dirty sluts loves all the creampie she can get.

    The harder you pound her, the tighter her pussy squeezes your cock, trying to milk all that sweet cum out, until she can feel your thick dick start to swell just before it explodes, putting her over the edge into another mind blowing orgasm. You can see all her juices running down to her puckered asshole.

    Just to show her appreciation for giving her a good fucking, she starts sucking and deep throating your cock to get all the juices off and clean your cock like the good little slut that she is. Who doesn’t love a creampied pussy.



    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 11/22 in Sensually Sexy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to Lusty Lucy’s site.

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  • Aubrey’s Mirror Fucking Sexcapades 1 Trailer

    Aubrey’s Mirror Fucking Sexcapades 1

    Just a reflection in time….fucking sexy fun!

    Mirror Sexcapades

    Mirrors have always been used to see things from a different perspective. Or to gain a view of something that may otherwise be hidden or hard to see.

    In this video, you get to see it all from different angles…. ahhh…. the beauty through a mirror.

    Naughty Girl Aubrey decides to take advantage of a mirror that was left lying around. You can find her lounging about in a sexy red lacey teddy on her new brown couch with all those dirty thoughts running through her mind.

    You know that Aubrey cannot help but to start playing with herself, because you know how horny she always is. She starts by using her vibrator on that pretty pussy of hers.

    mirror sexcapades Then she pulls out one of her lovely titties and starts telling you how much she loves to squeeze her big, luscious nipples and make herself lactate. The more excited she gets, the more that she lactates.

    This girl loves rubbing that vibrator between her cunt lips making her so wet that she is about to start dripping. But this little fuck toy likes to have it all, so she pulls out her shiny little butt plug with the pretty pink jewel, lubes it up and gently slides it into her tight little asshole.

    mirror sexcapadesNothing like having your asshole stuffed while playing with your pussy to get all those fuck juices flowing. Aubrey spreads her legs and gives you a great view of that pink mound and puckered asshole as she plays with her tits and uses the vibrator until she brings herself to a body shaking orgasm.

    The slut finally is ready to finish stuffing her holes by sliding down on top of that pseudo cock on the mirror. Aubrey slides down from the couch and carefully straddles the dildo that is on the mirror and eases herself onto the rock-hard phallus by squatting down onto it, letting her wet pussy lips slowly engulf the dildo.

    mirror sexcapadesYou get an incredible view as you watch her ride the dildo, while at the same time being able to look up using the mirror to see directly up towards her sopping pussy as she starts to fuck it. Slowly riding up and down and then picking up the pace.

    Those big titties with the big nipples start bouncing all around the more she fucks that hard cock. She then switches positions and gets down on her knees and starts to fuck the dick hard, letting her sweet pussy milk it. mirror sexcapades

    Aubrey fucks that dildo just like it is your cock, waiting for you to explode deep inside her hot box. The horny girl cannot wait, she starts to cum again, keeping your cock nice and creamy!

    After fucking the dildo for a while, Naughty Girl Aubrey turns around into a reverse cowgirl position and drops that dripping pussy back down onto the pseudo phallus. She fucks it hard and gives you a nice view of that tight

    mirror sexcapades

    asshole with the pretty pink butt plug in.

    All the while you are trying to figure out whether to watch her directly as she fucks the dildo, or whether to watch the extremely hot view up from the mirror. Aubrey continues to pleasure herself while being double stuffed.

    She is milking your cock with that hot pussy, begging you to explode in her. She wants to feel you release that hot load of baby batter deep inside of her cunt.

    Naughty Aubrey rides your cock until she starts to feel your dick swell as it gets ready to blow it’s thick creamy load, but this only puts her over the edge again into a body draining orgasm until she can’t ride anymore.

    So fucking delicious.


    This is just a teaser of what will be released on 11/18 in Sensually Sexy! In order to see full vid, you will need to become a supporting member. Plus, you will also get access to Lusty Lucy’s site.

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