Motherly Love 1 Teaser

Motherly Love 1 Teaser

motherThis is a custom video that was requested by a client with specific instructions on how it was made and from what perspective. Full of motherly love for her son.

Aubrey portrays the typical soccer mom appearance, as a loving and exceptionally supportive mom. A mom who supports her son in all aspects of his life, from school, to sports, and in social settings.

In this Mother Son love video, Naughty Girl Aubrey is seen as the loving and attentive Mom who just got home from work in time to intercept her son coming out of the shower dressed in nothing but a towel. Mom, Aubrey, is seen kneeling in front of her son in a black and white dotted summer style dress that reveals a lot of her luscious cleavage. mother

Aubrey starts talking to her son about his day as she removes the towel from around his waist revealing his cock right in front of his mom’s face. As she continues to discuss his day, she gentle grabs his cock and starts slowly sucking on it.

Their conversation in which you will only hear one side of, per the client request, varies throughout a range of normal family topics. Aubrey is so motherly, she adores her son.

motherlyAubrey asks her son about teachers that he is dealing with as she slowly sucks on his hardening cock. Then she starts discussing classes he is taking and projects, in between deepthroating his stiff dick.

The conversation expands to include how supportive “dad” is of their relationship, even to go as far as making a hotel reservation for them to get away for a weekend.

During the entire conversation, Aubrey intermittently sucks on her son’s hard dick or strokes it while asking random questions regarding such things as his teams big game coming up, and how they will do, to where they should go for dinner on Friday night. motherly love

You hear her ask questions and respond to his answers, but you do not hear him.

Aubrey continues to look into his eyes as she brings her son closer and closer to an orgasm. At times he fondles her big tits, which she openly offers to pull out to give him better access, just like any loving mom would do. Right?

motherly loveOccasionally you will see the son grab the back of his mom’s head and face fuck her, but for the most part it is an exceptionally long sensual blowjob from the son’s point of view. The entire encounter is very casual and very matter of fact in nature.

Not much different than someone coming over to rub your shoulders as they hold a conversation with you, only in this case it involves deepthroated blowjobs.

She periodically reaches down to massage his balls as she is sucking his throbbing dick, or as she jerks him off. This may be one of the longest blowjob vids you see, with Aubrey keeping her son on edge for a very long time. motherly love

Eventually she decides to give him some release and starts aggressively sucking on his cock until he finally blows a huge load of his thick hot cum all over her face and into her eagerly waiting mouth until she drains his balls. That is what Motherly love is all about.


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