Day of Poop 1 *Teaser*

Day of Poop 1 *Teaser*

Who knew taking a poop could be a turn on?! I sure didn’t. I always thought that it was a very private matter, but I often get asked to do the dark, dirty and weird. Which in my book, is just fine. As most of you know that I love pleasing more than anything in the world. So I figured why not give it a swirl (hehe)! When someone asked to watch me take a dump in the toilet, I figured what the hell. Of course I was shy and embarrassed but totally fascinated by the man on the other side of the cam, jerking off to me while going #2.

poopThe Act!

I then decided if I do it on cam why not make a little vid of it. I set up my cam and turned it every time I took a poop which was about 3x that day, I even accidentally shit myself and show it off. You know the saying, Never trust a fart….well its true, you shouldn’t trust it! 😛Aubrey taking a poop

I will tell you when I first started doing phone and cam sex back in 2012 my hard limits were initially anything to do with Poop (Scat), Kids, and animals. Well now you can scratch Scat off the list. Among many other things, I enjoy being a dirty naughty slut.

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