PTA Mom is a Puke Cunt 2 *Teaser*

PTA Mom is a Filthy Puke Cunt 2

The PTA Mom puke saga continues. This was a series of 4 custom vids that a gentlemen had requested over a course of 6 weeks. Each vid he wanted to up the ante so to speak with the filthiness. He liked to here the words filthy and cunt quite a bit.

As you saw in the first vid the filthy soccer mom is not afraid to get extra messy. This vid is no exception to the rule. After coming home from a PTA meeting at their kids school, Aubrey decides now is the time to teach the other PTA “good girl” mom to get down and dirty like her. Aubrey has been waiting for the opportunity to teach this uppity friend a thing or two about being a good filthy whore.

Naughty Aubrey starts by teaching the newbie filth slut how to stretch her pretty pink pussy wide the fuck open by demonstrating how to use her fingers and then basically fisting her own tight fuck hole. In and out as she works her whole fist.

Then the dirty whore takes a huge metal tunnel toy and shoves it into her cunt, stretching the pussy wide open so you can see deep inside, exposing her cervix. The greedy PTA mom wants even more in her fuck slit, so she shows the other slut how to use two dildos at the same time to really stretch and use her pussy.

Filthy Puke Cunt 2

As she continues to teach the dirty whore all the ways of being a filthy nasty cunt whore like her, talking dirty and nasty through out. Naughty Girl is fantasizing about being stretch open and used by BIG cocks.

After her pussy is stretched, nasty Aubrey pisses in a bowl and then wipes herself with a towel. Just to show what a nasty slut she is, she takes the towel and shoves it in her mouth. Fuck toilet paper! The dirty milf takes the bowl and proceeds to drink it, and dump some over the top of her head. The golden essence runs down her naked body. Filthy Puke Cunt Mom

As if the dirty fuck toy couldn’t get any nastier, Aubrey then teaches the other mom how to shove her fingers down her throat making herself vomit thick chunkiness into the bowl that she had just pissed in. Gagging and retching with lots of sounds.

Naughty Girl is talking so filthy saying things like, Throw-up in my mouth, Puke on me, I want you to be a filthy nasty milf just like me! The dirty PTA mom scoops up the puke that she just regurgitated and eats it. What a filthy nasty cunt! You can see noodles and chunks of apples, Aubrey does not play around when she gets messy. Rubbing it all over her face and naked body.

Puke Cunt

The dirty filthy PTA mom continues to talk super filthy to the other newbie mom. Aubrey the hot milf then gets down on all fours showing the other cunt how to be a nasty slut like her. Rubbing her face in the thick chunky vomit and continuing to dump the puke filled bowl over her head.

Aubrey then takes her very long hair and mops the vomit up with it. What a fucking nasty mess. You can see green beans and noodles through out her vomit soaked hair. What a filthy nasty PTA mom, she absolutely loves making a mess and teaching her newbie friend how to be just like her.

This full 23 mins vid will be in Extreme Kinky Puke on 10/17.

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