Sloppy Cocksucker 2

Sloppy Cocksucker 2

Who does not like to look down to see a hungry mouth devouring their cock? A deep throated sloppy salivating blowjob? Naughty Girl Aubrey loves to suck a dick and cannot wait for you to get home so she can pull your pants down and slide her anxiously waiting mouth onto your deliciously fat cock. sloppy

In this Point of View style video, you get to look down as Aubrey tells you how much she has been waiting for you to get home so she can take your cock and try to suck all of the days stress out of you.

Picture yourself walking through the door, Aubrey comes over, slowly puts her hands on you. She reaches down and starts caressing your manhood through your pants as it starts to swell. Very seductively she lowers herself down to her knees and starts to unbuckle your pants, then drops them to the floor.

sloppy cocksuckerShe starts rubbing and stroking that thick cock of yours while licking her lips. Gently she licks the tip of your rod before letting it glide deep into her ever waiting mouth.

As the saliva starts to build in her mouth, making it more sloppy and so does her hunger to milk all your sweet thick cum out of your balls and deep into her throat.

Aubrey gently sucks on your cock while alternating with running her tongue up and down the length of your engorged shaft. Of course, being the cock slut that she is, she does not forget to give your balls some attention, making them sloppy wet.

sloppy cocksuckerAs her soft hands begin to gently stroke your hard dick, she drops her head down and begins licking and sucking on you balls, covering them in a layer of her spit.

This cock hungry whore can not help but to drool all over the place as she sucks on your hard wood as if her life depended on it. You can see all the spit and drool dripping from her mouth as she goes so deep that she starts to gag on your fat rod. What a sloppy cocksucker!

You can hear Aubrey’s moans of pleasure as she works that hard cock in and out of her saliva filled mouth. Watch her lick and play with the tip, then swallow it until your balls are against her chin. She tells you how much she loves sucking your cock as she pumps her mouth deeper and deeper down your shaft.sloppy cocksucker

Aubrey has so much saliva built up that you can watch it dripping down her chin onto the floor, such a sloppy girl.

Not wanting you to cum too fast, she changes her pace throughout this beautiful blowjob. Sometimes she pounds it repeatedly deep down her throat or will work it slow and steady.

Aubrey definitely understands the difference between a blowjob and a hand job, most of her cock sucking skills are hands off and down the throat. You can almost picture yourself face fucking her.

After a long, sensual oral massage of your long phallus, Aubrey starts to encourage you to blow your big thick steamy load of man juice down her throat. Her mouth starts sucking harder as she pumps it deep with long strokes and a lot of tongue action.sloppy cocksucker

Aubrey starts sucking with intention, moaning for you to cum and fill her mouth. She is so sloppy with drooling and working your cock, knowing that she can make you explode.

Feeling your already thick dick start to swell as you get ready to ejaculate only excites her more and has her sucking and pumping harder, until you finally blow that sweet thick load into her mouth.

Being the cum loving slut that she is, Aubrey milks every last bit of cum out of your balls, then plays with it in her mouth to show how much she enjoys it. MMmm such a sloppy slut!


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