Small Penis Encouragement JOI 1

Small Penis Encouragement JOI 1

small penisYou know that you are perfect just the way you are. Naughty Girl Aubrey and Lusty Lucy are here to show you how much they appreciate your small penis.

These two sexy sluts are relaxing on the couch with Aubrey wearing a white silky teddy top and matching bottoms with white thigh highs and silver heels while Lucy is wearing a silvery blue Hawaiian style robe, a tight thin black body stocking and black heels.

The smaller stature of your manhood is a turn-on for these horny imps. They will explain why you are perfect and what they would do with you. They both love the fact that your cock will fit comfortably in all of their fuck holes.

Listen to Aubrey as she talks about loving the fact that she can take all of your cock in her mouth, then proceeds to show you by using a pseudo penis, and taking it all the way down to the balls so you can feel her throat muscle contract against your hard dick. small penis

Lucy likes that small cock and wants you to stroke it for her. Lucy adds some lube to the dildo as Aubrey starts to stroke it up and down while encouraging you to stroke that lovely small cock of yours for them.

Lucy takes over stroking your cock as Aubrey softly massages your balls and leans down to lick the pre-cum off the tip. Mmmm…they love the taste of pre-cum.

small penisThese cock hungry whores want to worship that perfect dick of yours by massaging it, licking it, and making you feel like the stud that you are. Now to give you a little more encouragement, Lusty Lucy turns around and gets on her hands and knees to show her big round ass through her tight thin body stocking.
But she is not wearing any panties, so Aubrey takes advantage to point our Lucy’s hot wet pussy peeking out from underneath. Aubrey can not help but to stick a finger in that tasty wet pussy as she rubs that round ass.

Not wanting to be left out, Aubrey turns around to show you her sexy ass as Lucy helps her to expose that tight asshole and pretty pink pussy. Urging you to rub that cock on her hot little cunt. Lucy can not help herself as she strokes your meat.

Both of these sexy sluts keep reiterating how much they love the size of your cock, and how nicely it fits in all of their holes. You should know how much they want to feel that prick sliding in and out of every orifice that they have.small penis

The more these little whores get turned on by your cock, the more they expose. Aubrey is the first to free her titties before she adds some lube so you can slide that hard dick right between her big, beautiful boobs. She grabs the dildo and starts to titty fuck herself, just like she would have you do to her.

At the same time, Lucy is teasing you by playing with her bountiful melons. Lucy finally pulls out her huge tits so you can slide your throbbing member between them. Aubrey adds some lube and Lucy starts titty fucking your dick knowing that it is going to bring you closer to cumming. They love to see your pre-cum dripping onto her big boobs.

small penisThese sexy cunts love to worship your small dick with every part of their bodies, and they do not mind sharing as they take turns licking and sucking your cock and balls. Can you imagine having one of them sucking your cock as the other is licking your balls?

Watch Aubrey play with her pussy as Lucy strokes your cock. Lucy loves to tease you by pumping your dick harder and faster, then slowing it down so you do not cum until they are ready for you to.

They really appreciate your small dick and want you to orgasm and spray all that hot cum all over their big tits. Finally they take you to the point of no return and beg you to unload that stream of hot sticky cum all over them. Here is the trailer….


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