Struggling Lesbians 1 Teaser

Struggling Lesbians 1 Teaserstruggling lesbians

This video is a consensual dramatization of two bound lesbians struggling to escape. The two girls open the video explaining that what they are about to do in completely consensual.

Lusty Lucy is wearing a lacy teal nightie with matching bottoms and black leather wrist and ankle cuffs while Naughty Girl Aubrey is wearing a silky black spaghetti strap top, silver panties and purple leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

Having been picked up with the intent of creating sexual submissives out of two dirty sluts, these dirty whores have been bound hog tie style, gagged and struggling lesbianswere left face down on the floor. Two lesbians left to try and struggle their way out of bondage……..




Watch as they roll around moaning and slobbering through their gags. Twisting and turning their bodies trying desperately to find a way out of the leather restraints.

struggling lesbiansRolling from side to side with nipples trying to poke through the thin material of their tops. You can see the desperation in their eyes as they look up into the camera, knowing that they may not be able to escape.

Watch as they arch and roll into furniture and each other trying to find a position to release the bondage. So much movement that it eventually causes one of Lucy’s big titties to fall out of her top.

When the camera changes angles, you get a nice upskirt style view of their asses and panties. With teasing glimpses as they roll and squirm.

As the camera moves back to the front, you can hear Lucy whine helplessly as drool runs out of her mouth. Aubrey has now caused one of her tits to fall out of her top.struggling lesbians

After many days of struggling, feeling tired and helpless, their will is finally broken, and they have come to the realization that to struggle is futile and that they are going to be used like the dirty little whores that they are.

Soon to be gifted like a Christmas present to their soon to be owner to be used in any way he feels to fulfill all of his dirty desires.


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