Why is Puke #1?!

Why is Puke hot?!?

Yes, this is a genuine question. I have been doing puke shows since 2012 (mind you I had a 4ish year break in-between 2012 and 2019) and I have no idea why it turns guys on. I went from doing mostly vanilla to very quickly becoming known as Dirty Girl Aubrey. Which is super fitting if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing these type of shows, its definitely one of my core 4.

Puke shows are literally my #1 request, whether it is in a custom vid, phone sex or cam show. I have had other cam and phone sex girls that have even referred guys to me for this very reason. I like to get down and dirty, without a bit hesitation.

.filthy puke cunt

Why do guys like it? Is it the degradation? Or humiliation? Is it because its taboo and not seen in the porn world, or on most other phone and cam sex sites? What is it about puke that makes your dick hard? Is it when I shove a dildo or my fingers all the way down my throat and vomit comes spewing out? Or is it seeing my boobs and body covered in vomit? Or is it that I follow your instructions and shove whatever object you instruct me to down my throat, making me gag and retch? Is it the mental picture in their mind of their cock going deep down my throat and holding it there until I finally vomit?

Filthy Puke CuntFilthy Puke Cunt

 I am sure that I am not the only one who wants to know why guys love it. I have countless gentlemen that have asked me to do these types of shows over the years. Most of whom have found me again even after the 4ish year break I took, and reached out specifically to do these type of shows. It is my understanding that there are not many girls/sex workers that are willing to do any type of puke shows.

I even have guys that I didn’t know were into puke shows come and tell me how much they love it after seeing my Extreme Kinky Puke Section. And knowing who they are, I would have never guessed or thought to recommend it to them. That baffles me and turns me on all at the same time. Why is it so hot?

How do you like your Puke Shows?

Let’s talk about how we get there. Some clients will come right out and ask for puke shows while others are much more discreet by asking for a messy-sloppy blowjob. In the beginning I didn’t know that I needed to clarify, boy oh boy have I learned my lesson on that one. Nothing like thinking you are doing a super hot blow job show only to find out that they want you to get very messy. Yes, puke messy.

The show would start and I would think that they would want the stereotypical nice sloppy wet blowjob with sexy spit and slobber strings running down from my mouth, like that shit you see in porn or on Twitter after Dark.

Sloppy Blowjob

Nice deep thrusts, in and out with a dildo as the spit builds up and the slobber strings start pulling out of your mouth and dripping onto your tits with each thrust of the dildo. Really working it in and out, swirling my tongue around, then bam he says, “Deeper and harder, hold it all the way down in your throat! Yes, just like that!”

Meanwhile you are shaking your head like uh-oh. Oh no! What if I puke and that’s not what he wants. I hold back trying so hard not to vomit, only to finally have to sheepishly say, “Ummm, I might end up puking if we keep doing it like this.”

Let’s be frank, you can only hold a dick or a dildo down your throat so long before the vomit rises up or the serious gag reflex kicks in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can deep throat with the best of them, so much so that sometimes its actually difficult to make myself puke.

Over the years I have learned to ask specifics, like…

  • Do you want more than spit and slobber?
  • How messy do you want it?
  • Are you okay with vomit?
  • Some guys will go into specifics of what they want you to eat or drink.
  • How do they want you to puke?
  • Do you want me to use my fingers, or the diIdo?
  • Do you want vomit any where specific (i.e.-running down my body, in a bowl, in a tub, in my hair)?
  • Did you want me to eat and regurgitate the puke?
  • Do you want me to gorge on food either prior or during the show?

Stories from the Vomit Princess

I have one client who I have been doing puke shows with since about 2013, he likes to be called Daddy and I am his dirty little girl. He has me drink a ton of warm to hot water while on cam with him.

He loves watching me guzzle the warm water down my throat. Then he likes to see if I can puke on my own with out any assistance, with the exception of Daddy walking me through a mental thought process of picturing his big thick cock sliding down his little girls throat.

Sometimes this works, something about warm to hot water that makes it very easy to vomit on your own. If that doesn’t work then I slide my middle finger inside my mouth and down my throat causing almost an immediate eruption of the contents from my stomach. I tilt my head back and erupt like a volcano. I do this over and over again until every last drop is out of my stomach.

I often end up peeing myself during these types of shows because the retching is so intense.

I have had clients that get very specific about what I need to eat prior. Now I will say I have issues with eating and my weight. So in order for that type of request to happen, they must pay for the show before I start consuming certain foods. This is primarily as a fail safe for me. I have had guys make the request, then after I have eaten a lot of food, bailed on the show. And these were guys that were regular clients.

I had another guy that wanted me to buy Fruit Loops and eat it in front of him. The gist was for me to look like I was wearing a Coogi sweater. He had me gorge on bowl after bowl until I was super bloated and ready to throw-up on command.

Eventually I was permitted to stop and then ordered to start working and sucking on a thick dildo, sliding it further down my throat with instruction to hold it and not let go until he tells me to. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold the thick phallus in my throat any longer, he instructed me to yank it out.

Of course the inevitable happened, I had thick colorful vomit coming out of my mouth and down my naked tits. What a fucking colorful mess! But he came harder than ever and that was the goal.

Filthy Puke Cunt

How it all started

I have been doing phone sex and cam shows since July of 2012. My gf, Lusty Lucy told me what she did and I was hooked. I had no idea that the phone sex world was real, very similar to how I thought about kinky stuff. I latched onto it like a baby to a nipple. I got all sorts of calls and shows, but mostly of the vanilla variety.

Then came my first show involving puke, it came about merely by accident. I was deep throating my dildo and holding it in as instructed. I begged and shook my head as M.N.J told me that he loves a good dirty slut. That’s great but what the hell does that mean?!?

I thought I am doing every thing you ask of me, what more could you want. And then it happened… I puked every where. I was totally embarrassed and mortified. I almost wanted to run out of the room and hide, but I couldn’t. He loved every minute of it. That’s when I became known as Dirty Girl Aubrey.

What have I learned since the beginning?

I have learned several things since the very first puke call:


  • Food types matter- Texture; soft, hard, crunchy. Smell. Color, etc.
  • Beverages matter-  clear vs. color, milk vs. almond milk
  • Certain foods are more irritating when regurgitated
  • There are foods that do not taste as bad coming back up
  • That I can only do so many puke shows back to back or even within one weeks time
  • Swallowing some food whole so it is chunkier for visual effect
  • Lots of liquid creates volume
  • DO NOT eat SPICY food, you will regret life for a long while!!
  • Noodles are awesome to throw-up

Clean-up and Health:

  • It is very hard to get puke out of your hair
  • It is hard on your esophagus so be mindful of your health
  • Buy dollar store shower curtains and a baby pool (makes for much easier containment and clean up)
  • Make sure you stay hydrated before and after the show
  • Keep paper towels and baby wipes near by so you can touch your computer or phone as well as for clean-up
  • Sticking with a smaller dildo is better on your throat
  • Position and number of fingers matter to some clients
  • How long I hold the dildo in my throat can determine gag reflex
  • Certain clients prefer it rough and really dirty while others are gentle about it

In closing these type of shows are not for every client or every sex worker. This is something I have walked into and accepted. Sure, not exactly what I was going for when I started my journey into the phone and cam sex world. I personally find something about it hot and so do my clients. There is nothing I like to do more than to please a guy and make him cum hard.

If you would like to send me a comment or share your experience with me please email me at naughtygirlaubrey2019@gmail.com



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